Sampada's Dance Studio
Sampadas Dance Studio

General Testimonials

Sampada, You are a great dance teacher. My daughter loves your way of teaching specially the Kathak part. Your dance choreography has clear, sharp and smooth movements with good emphasis on facial expressions.

- Sarita Kedia

My daughter Reyann joined Sampada’s dance class three months back. She enjoys every minute of it !!!!. and always look forward to attend her class. Sampada herself is a very talented teacher and takes lot of efforts to teach the kids properly. Sampada, Keep up the good work.

- Jerry Patel

To learn Bollywood dance has always been my dream and it has at last come true through Sampada’s dance class. Sampada has a great understanding of music which comes from her experience in the field. I love the classes and always look forward to it. Sampada dance class Rocks….Go for it..

- Sunitha (Student of ladies class)

SAMPADA, You are awesome. You can make anybody dance like a professional, does’nt matter whether they have ever danced before or not. Your dance moves are so smooth, they just move from you to us. We feel so confident now that we can dance anywhere, be it a family gathering or any dance party, your students always stands out

- Abha (Student of ladies class)

Sampada is very dedicated with strong attention to details. She accesses the developmental need of each students in her class and focuses on these to improve the dance quality. Her choreography is innovative and draws from all Indian and global dance forms. She is caring and fun teacher as well.

- Sangmitra (Student of ladies class)

I was someone who was always in awe of people who danced but unfortunately I was blessed with two left feet !! until I met Sampada ! she taught me so patiently and has transformed me to a decent dancer. I danced at my son’s school along with other moms and we were nicknamed “Dancing Moms”..All thanks to Sampada, always ready to teach us lazy moms with a smile.

- Manju (Students of ladies class)

Sampada’s dance classes have provided my daughters with an excellent opportunity and a platform to demonstrate their dancing skills and enhance their knowledge and overall confidence. They have given several performances at public forums.

- Seema Jain ( Parent of a student )

Sampada has a great talent and a passion for dancing which has been seen in her choreography. I get full experience of an art form, alongwith learning some cool Bollywood moves at the same time!! It’s Great !!

- Ella Thapar (Students of ladies class)

Sampada, I just wanna tell you that I am so proud to be studying dance from you. Your choreography is awesome.

- Geeta (Students of ladies class as well as a parent of the child student)

Sampada, Sending you the warm wishes that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness you have always given me and my husband by teaching me how to dance. God bless you !!

- Arnica (Students of ladies class as well as a parent of the child student)

You are very creative and hardworking, we can always notice it in the kids dance classes and their performance shows. Kids enjoy the dancing with you. You achieve what you want.

- Rachna( Parent of a student )

Kids and we ladies enjoy dancing with you. It’s always a great fun. I really appreciate the patience and the hard work you put in with us.

- Sweta (Students of Ladies Class as well as a parent of the child student)

Sampada is very talented, kind and patient teacher. My daughter always look forward for attending Sampada’s dance class every week.

- Sujatha (Parent of the child student)

My daughter has started the dance class since last few months. She thoroughly enjoys the time she learns her lessons. Sampada is a very kind person and even helped me to entertain my daughter’s friends on her birthday with her music beats.

- Symmone (Parent of the child student)

I never thought in my dream that I would learn dance ever in my life, because of you I learnt. When I see my small son dancing in your class my eyes become wet. I have no words to say except one thing “You are a True Artist”

- Upasana (Students of a couple Bollywood Salsa workshop and parent of the child student)

My daughter “Dhruvi” has always been interested in dancing but lacked co-ordination in her movements and her footwork. In six months with Sampada's dance classes, she has improved tremendously. Her footwork is no longer repetitive and her 'dance-shows' at home are much more enjoyable. She has now confidently registered for a dance competition in her school. With her new found confidence, I see her passion developing into a life-long hobby, something that will continue to give her endless joy.

- Leena Shah (Parent of the child student)

Sampada, a feedback : these are truly Keyur's words:" Dance class with Sampada teacher's dance class ROCKS!!! It is a lot of fun; especially the choice of songs and the steps (choreography) "

- Mamta (Parent of the child student)


Performance Testimonials

Awesome – no better words to describe the show. Wanted to join the kids while they were dancing. A very big thank you for your time, energy and dedication to your students. You were absolutely tireless and patient preparing for this show. Your humility and above all your belief in your students that ensures that not only the students but their parents too want to extend their support to you.

- Geeta Balan (Student of ladies class and a parent of the child student)

Very good effort Sampada ! Great Job.

- Ella Thapar (Student of ladies class)

Thanks for providing a platform for our Children.

- Uma G (Parent of the child student)

Great Efforts. We should have more such functions organized.

- Jay Prakash (Parent of the child student)

Thanks. The girls put up an excellent show. Good work.

- Kalpana (Parent of the child student)

Very good teacher ! Seriously, the lovely performance WE did was done by YOU !

- Kavita (Performer from the ladies class and parent of the child student)

It is very nice to see the kids and mothers performance & one big thing - the teacher is the same & showing all ages to learn dance.

- Arti (Viewer of the performanvce)

Excellent show…..Kids were amazing !! Keep up the great efforts.

- Atul (Parent of the child student)

Superb !! I am getting tempted to learn also.

- Tarun (Parent of the child student)

Fabulous ! Fantastic. Keep it up. God bless you.

- Padma Aunty (Grand parent of the child student)

Well done Sampada. Congratulations !!! You have made it. We enjoyed the show.

- Sarita (Parent of the child student)

A lovely evening – Wonderful performances – The spirit of dance really come alive.

- Sunita Chauhan (Performer from the ladies clsss and a parent of the child student)

Fantastic and fabulous performance by one and only – Our fantastic teacher Sampada. Amazing, lively performance of all groups.

- Uma (Performer from the ladies class and a parent of the child student)

Excellent Work Sampada! and her troupe!! Bravo!!

- Suman (Parent of the child student)